SAP HANA is the Future of Business

The pace of change in business is accelerating at a rate the world has never seen before. Advances in mobile, cloud and Big Data technologies require companies to analyze data, make decisions and innovate faster.

There are numerous reasons to unfolder the power of SAP HANA today. Some of them include:

Massive Speed

SAP HANA has earned a reputation for game-changing speed — and for making the promise of real-time business possible. SAP and Intel® engineers jointly tested the scan speed of a SAP HANA database across a variety of Intel CPU processors. These tests achieved results of 3.19 billion symbol scans per second per core, demonstrating SAP HANA’s Massive Speed compared to traditional databases.

Realtime Business

SAP HANA unlocks the potential of doing business in real time. To test the impact of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, a third-party financial accounting team conducted a comparison study that simulated a Fortune 1000-size intercompany reconciliation process. Two identically configured environments were compared: a regular ERP Central Component (ECC) environment on traditional database and the other running on SAP HANA. SAP HANA achieved a result 2,000 times faster than the traditional database, making Real-Time Business more achievable in financial organizations.


 Extreme Scale

SAP HANA can scale to deliver real-time analytics on massive data sets. A performance test was developed to test how a single-cluster SAP HANA instance can scale to run complex BI queries on one petabyte (1 PB) of data. The 1 PB data set was comprised of 1.2 trillion rows of data representing 10 years’ worth of sales distribution data. The majority of BI queries run on the 1 PB data set delivered sub-second response times; and even the most complex query, which involved a five-year span of data, ran in under 3.5 seconds. This Extreme Scale is ideal for the enormous data sets of the future.

 Radical Efficiency

SAP HANA’s column-oriented database architecture dramatically reduces data storage requirements. A SAP application development team ran a simulation of productive customer data with a 100 million-line financial accounting data set. By porting the data from a classic database to SAP HANA, eliminating unnecessary index and aggregate tables, and enabling operational reporting directly within SAP HANA, the data footprint was reduced by a factor of 37. SAP HANA customers are finding Radical Efficiency.

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