Imagine a world of Ultra High Speed!

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No matter what business you are in, your success may depend in one thing: insight. Not just insight gleaned from standardized reports and data, but insight gleaned from data across your entire enterprise – data that you can use the very second it’s created to help your business thrive. That’s the power of real-time business insight - and that’s the power of the SAP HANA Platform.

Historically, real – time business insight has not been possible because separate analytical and transaction databases require that numerous complex data models have to be built in order to make data meaningful to business users. There are also scale limitations as large data sets from different sources in the company that can't be used simultaneously to provide meaningful and instant answers to complex questions.

SAP HANA breaks traditional database barriers to simplify IT landscapes, eliminating data preparation, preaggregation and tuning. You can instantly access huge volumes of structured and unstructured data, including text data, from different sources.  SAP HANA   is a completely reimagined platform for real-time business. It transforms business by streamlining transactions, analytics, planning, predictive, and sentiment data processing on a single in–memory database so business can operate in real time. Now you can get immediate answers to really complex questions execute line never before

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SAP HANA is the Future of Business

The pace of change in business is accelerating at a rate the world has never seen before. Advances in mobile, cloud and Big Data technologies require companies to analyze data, make decisions and innovate faster.

There are numerous reasons to unfolder the power of SAP HANA today. Some of them include:

Massive Speed

SAP HANA has earned a reputation for game-changing speed — and for making the promise of real-time business possible. SAP and Intel® engineers jointly tested the scan speed of a SAP HANA database across a variety of Intel CPU processors. These tests achieved results of 3.19 billion symbol scans per second per core, demonstrating SAP HANA’s Massive Speed compared to traditional databases.

Realtime Business

SAP HANA unlocks the potential of doing business in real time. To test the impact of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, a third-party financial accounting team conducted a comparison study that simulated a Fortune 1000-size intercompany reconciliation process. Two identically configured environments were compared: a regular ERP Central Component (ECC) environment on traditional database and the other running on SAP HANA. SAP HANA achieved a result 2,000 times faster than the traditional database, making Real-Time Business more achievable in financial organizations.


Explore why Big Data

Even if you have a small to medium seize Travel Agency you will find out that SAP HANA is able to provide you today with real competitive advantages.


Speed to Decision

SAP HANA enables businesses to analyze enormous data sets to make business decisions faster.

Faster Financials

SAP HANA helps financial departments reduce dramatically the time of closing quarters, empowering them to make better, faster decisions and improve their business processes. SAP was able to cut the total database size by 50%, run profitability analysis in 15% of the time,
and eliminate 16 days (400 hours) from its quarterly closing process by running CRM, ERP and BW on SAP HANA.
Get Faster Financials in less time with fewer resources — and gain the benefits of real-time business.


Fueled by innovation, SAP HANA is the fastest growing product in SAP’s 40-year history. More than 2,200 enterprise customers and 1,000 start-ups use SAP HANA today globally. SAP HANA’s rapid customer adoption and rise in market share are indicators that it is
the market’s most advanced in-memory database with clear value being delivered. SAP HANAhelps customers Innovate — and capitalize on the disruptive forces of mobile, cloud and Big Data in business today.

Lower Cost

SAP HANA combines transactional and analytical processing in a single system, resulting in lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional database systems. By providing a dual OLTP-OLAP architecture, SAP HANA reduces the data footprint, which saves on storage costs; and eliminating the need for data extraction and transfer from OLTP to OLAP saves time and resources. After SAP re-tooled its internal CRM system to SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA, the transactions and analytics were available to all users in a single system,
core processes were twice as fast and database searches ran 250 times faster — resulting in 30% cost savings compared to the previous CRM installation.

Radical Efficiency

SAP HANA’s column-oriented database architecture dramatically reduces data storage requirements.
An SAP application development team ran a simulation of productive customer data with a 100 million-line financial accounting data set.
By porting the data from a classic database to SAP HANA, eliminating unnecessary index and aggregate tables, and enabling operational reporting directly within SAP HANA, the data footprint was reduced by a factor of 37.
SAP HANA customers are finding Radical Efficiency.

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