Combine Customer Reviews with Financial Data

Discover the power of BI tools of SAP Business One + TravelOne
With state of the art tools like Lumira (SAP) you are able for the first time to gain a 'clear view'
of different data sources and have unique decisions tools.

Combine for example:

  • Sales
  • Gross Profit
  • Destination
  • Service (e.g. Hotel, Restaurants, events, car rental, cruises)
  • Customer Reviews (e.g. questionnaires, 'Tripadvisor', '' and other sources)
  • Customer Interactions
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Customer Source

Imagine the power of BI in your everyday decision making!

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Real Time Decision: Your competitive advantage

The current market conditions and the rapid changes of business and technology landscape,
generate the necessity to Travel Agents for real-time business information that is not only reliable and intuitive,
but also easily accessible and flexible. SAP® Business One Business Intelligence (BI) analytical
solutions addresses the aforementioned issue, providing compelling reporting and analytical tools.
BI enables businesses for faster and better decision making, cost saving, simplified and optimized
business processes and maximized business performance.

Standard offer includes:

  • Dashboards
  • Crystal Reports
  • Report Generators
  • Drag and Relate


The main key feature of Business Intelligence platform is creating reports with a variety of presentation layouts,
such as interactive drill down functionality, as well  as customizing
reports for all business processes supported by SAP® Business One T.
Moreover, report’s data can be sorted, filtered and reformatted based on specific
business questions, allowing to explore information interactively and faster.
Business processes and decisions can also be executed from within reports by integrating
operational workflows, using qualified tools and advanced technologies such as SAP Lumira

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